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Calming Marshmallow Cat Bed

Calming Marshmallow Cat Bed.

Calming Marshmallow Cat Bed

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Enjoy the perfect night’s sleep in our Calming Marshmallow Cat Bed! 💤

The Calming Marshmallow Bed was designed by therapists to be a safe haven for your cats!

Raised edges of the Marshmallow Cat Bed helps cats to feel warm and safe, as well as provide neck and joint support so your cat can sleep more soundly. 

Snuggling in the Marshmallow Bed results in a good sleep and helps ease anxiety and stress. Our soft padded centre gives a very comfortable support while sinking your cat into their safe space.

Cats love to knead and lounge on the super plush filling. 

Made for all cats. This is ideal for any timid cat, shelter rescues, or simply as an awesome soft all around sleeper! With a spacious hideout, the Marshmallow Bed is suitable for kittens, large cats and senior cats. The super soft filling offers joint and muscle support for senior cats. 

Machine washable (Gentle cycle, tumble dry on low), making it easy to clean! We recommend air drying it to maintain the faux fur in its best condition. 

Original Marshmallow Beds. Beware of low-quality knock offs from other shops that do not include padding or tracking. Petnip Marshmallow Beds are only available on www.petnip.co.


Size Guide

S/XS 40cm
Up to 3KG (Kittens)
M 50cm
Up to 5KG (Kittens and small cats)
L 60cm
Up to 10KG (Medium to large cats - Most cats)
XL 70cm
Up to 15KG (Large cat breeds and multiple cats)