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Honeypot Cat Cave

Honeypot Cat Cave.

Honeypot Cat Cave

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The Perfect Hideout for Your Cat
Cats love their hiding holes, it's where they rest, groom and sleep. We've created Honeypot Cat Cave so they can have a fluffy, cozy cat spot, just for themselves.

Three ways of sleeping

Honeypot Jar 🍯  Cats love jumping into boxes and containers. With a jar-like appearance, your cat will enjoy jumping in and out of it. 

Cat Cave 🐱  Simply lay the bed down for a luxuriously soft cave your cat can snuggle in and stay cosy. 

Cat Sofa 🛋  Best for summer and hot climates. Create a personal sofa for your cat to chill on next to you!

Why Honeypot Cat Cave Is For Your Cat

The coziest hideout.
 With softness all around, Honeypot is the perfect place to play, rest or simply get away from the hoomans. 

Stress-free zone. If your feline friend is easily scared, having a cozy dome to retreat to will relieve all stress for it to feel safe. 

Cats love it. Your cats will fall in love with it. Made from high-quality suede fabric, wear and bite resistant for durability. Honeypot can accommodate small to medium sized cats to bring them maximum comfort.

Honeypot is the ultimate choice. When there are no quiet places in the house, it's a real treat to have your own little spot to fall back into.

Size: 62cm x 38cm x 31cm (L x W x H)
Suitable for cats 8kg and below
Colors: Original, Smokey, Lime
Colors may vary slightly due to lighting