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Petnip is a cat specialty store providing luxuriously soft cat beds, interactive cat toys and modern home accessories. We focus on durable and cat approved products that will fit right into the interior of modern homes. 

Animal Welfare
There are 70 million stray cats in the U.S. Annually, approximately 6.5 million cats enter animal shelters. Cats living outside have a high risk of getting into accidents, fights and contracting illnesses that result in premature death. Being cat lovers ourselves, we hope to support animal welfare in every way we can. Petnip donates a percentage of profits to local animal welfare groups and rescuers, which goes into food, vet bills and helps save the lives of cats in need.

High-Quality Cat Products
With so many cat products available, sieving through reviews can be really time consuming. Petnip helps cat parents save time and money with high-quality products recommended by cat owners and approved by cats. Many of them have dual functionality, so your investment is worth every cent.
Maximising Space
We live in a small, city apartment, so we had to constantly think out of the box to create a cat-friendly environment. We sourced endlessly for high-quality catification solutions. Petnip's Collections are curated offerings to maximise the use of space in the best way possible.
Creating A Welcoming Community
Being cat parents can be really hard, that's why we want to create a welcoming community to provide advice and support. Such communities have helped us so much, and we hope to give back by doing the same. Our community focuses on inclusivity and positivity, good cat vibes only.